Misprint in week 18 scores.
posted by JesperNielsen, February 20, 2016
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Dear Commish!

I would like to direct your attention to an unfortunate misprint, in the results reported for week 18.

It states that Hungerdunkers made more than 200 points in a game. That is not even physically possible! Please correct the scores. With the playoff race heating up, it is vital that the information stated on these pages are accurate.

Sincerely yours,
Coach Nielsen

To the people dropping of crates full of salamanders at the Tigers office: Please stop!
HungerDunker, February 24, 2016
I had to check. HD actually has scored that low this season.
jacob, February 22, 2016
Coach Nielsen is correct in his very astute observation. This must be an error. More likely, HD scored 120 FP in that game.
mmmdk, February 22, 2016
That's no's a space station!
JesperNielsen, February 20, 2016
The misprint is in the scores for week 17. The error was caused by an unfortunate misprint.