posted by HungerDunker, December 17, 2015
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In order to qualify to host an OKTOBER-FEST, the qualifying team must be the ONLY team having a scoring differential above 0 (zero).
Additionally, all teams must have met at least once.

The team hosting the OKTOBER-FEST shall celebrate this rare feat by inviting all other owners to share a seasonal brew.
mmmdk, December 24, 2015
Make fun not...yes you did, you invaded Poland.
JesperNielsen, December 24, 2015
An informal get together sounds nice.

Any sugestions for time and place?

As for the tone of this forum: It sounds like it has evolved beyond the usual gay banter, into a full fledged BDSM all nighter with no safe words.

Please pick up your phones a have a talk, before it gets completely out of hand.

Ouch! Stop that! CIRCUS! CIRCUS! Give it a rest! I am on the internet here!
mmmdk, December 23, 2015
??? Not even one funny bone in your entire body. Stick to your calculator, robot.