Interim Coach at the All Star break
posted by , February 15, 2015
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After last weeks loss, it is now clear that the Tigers will miss the playoffs.

A disappointed Interim Coach Jesper Nielsen gave us a brief interview, before he was forcibly removed by security, at the All Star game.

"Clearly I am not happy with the results so far. 0-3. There are not many leagues, where that would be a good stat. But I am optimistic, that we can at least match that in the last three games.

That aim for the rest of the season, is to prepare the team for next year. Hopefully the players will have adapted fully to the Klamphugger, in order to at least show some of the potential of the system."

When asked what adjustments he is preparing, the Interim Coach had this to say:

"We are currently experimenting using heavier sneakers.

There have been some concern, however, for the structural integrity of the floor boards at Thy-hallen.

I might have to scale back, just slightly, to meet the engineers safety guidelines."

When asked for his reaction on the Tigers management placing adds in all major news channels for a new head coach with "no experience needed", Interim Coach Jesper Nielsen simply smiled.

"Those Tigers management people! They are such jokers. Just the other day, they had changed the locks in Thy-hallen, so I could not get in! It is all in good fun."

Dirk was not available for comments.
JesperNielsen, February 19, 2015
I have some experience with suddenly changed locks.

It has happened to me before...

Several times while I was coaching the RimRockers ...

And at work...

And at home, come to think of it?!
Brian, February 17, 2015
It seems to work... the Tigers just held to Ogres to just 114.5 FP. Now heavier kicks along with the Klamphugger? Such systemic approach threaten to revolutionize the league and force the other teams to catch up. Back to the drawing board I guess...

How did coach Jesper get into Thy Hallen with the locks changed?